Go Behind-the-Scenes with Wild Encounters

Did you know the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park’s Education Department behind-the-scenes programs?  Guests have more options than ever before to get to know the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park’s animals.

With our private program offerings, guests can now experience private, personalized zoo encounters with three different species: the giraffes, penguins, or Aldabra tortoises. These “Wild Encounter: Zoo Encounter” programs are meant for small groups of up to 15 people and include private time with these animals. For an additional fee, guests also have the option to enjoy a personalized “painting session” with either the giraffes or the penguins.

If the personalized painting session interests you, but you are looking for a more cost-effective experience, consider a “Wild Encounter: Unlikely Artist Encounter.” This program allows your group members to choose to meet one or two members of our Unlikely Artists collection – such as our snakes, lizards, armadillo, and more. While meeting and learning about the animal, you’ll get to watch him or her paint during a personalized “enrichment session.”  You will receive a one-of-a-kind “masterpiece” painting to keep as a memento of your experience.

A few other Wild Encounters have been added to our offerings; for more details about these programs, please visit our Wild Encounters page. You can also contact the Education Department at 920-662-2405 or through email.


Giraffe Encounter



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