November “Thanks” Specials

The Society members are very thankful for the many wonderful gifts we receive from generous individuals, businesses, and foundations. We would not be able to support our beautiful zoo without these donations.  We wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

A Special Thanks goes out to the following for their support of our New Cornerstone Animal Hospital:

Thank you Cornerstone Fdn., for pledging $250,000.00 for this project. Thank you Wisconsin Public Service Foundation for pledging $50,000.00.  Thank you Jack & Engrid Meng, Inc. for pledging $50,000.00. There is one more $50,000.00 pledge that came in last week.  The donor will be announced soon.  Thank you to the following for their generous gifts for this project: Ben Schenkelberg, Daniel & Martha Gray, Kathy Hanson, Dr. Samuel Vainisi & Dr. Gretchen Schmidt, Mau & Associates, Associated Bank, Terry & Kris Fulwiler, Karen McDiarmid & Jim Montgomery, Jeff Sahaida, Schneider Community Credit Union, New Covenant, LaForce Inc., Maggie & Jim Ford, Diana Rockhill, Fleet Farm, James Voeks, Red Lewis (PDQ), Drs. Cheryl Skaletski & Margaret Eastman (Bay East Animal Hospital), Dr. Tracey Gilbert, Gentle Vet Animal Hospital, Michael & Leanne Haddad Fdn., Pivot Rock Fund, NE WI Building Trades Council, Scenic View, Hart Design Foundation, Inc., & BayTek Games.
Please help us raise the funds to finish this project!  

November Specials

Purchase our new Basalt Rock Raised-Arm Bench for $1800.00 or our new Granite Garden Bench for $1200.00 and we will throw in an 8×8 laser engraved brick FREE!


Here are some ideas for your Christmas Shopping List!!

An 8×8 laser-engraved Brick might do, or one of our new Basalt Rock or Granite Garden Benches, a Plaque on the “Coming Soon” NEW Wall of Honor, a Memorial Marker in our Pet Memorial Garden, or a Donation, in the name of that Special Someone, to the Society, for our new Cornerstone Animal Hospital. It’s all about the Animals!

Shop by phone @ 434-6814




3rd Annual “Skunks are Beautiful” Cribbage Tournament-Thursday, April 9th
16th Annual “Feast with the Beasts” Event, presented by Capital Credit Union,-Monday, August 3rd

 Monthly Specials

  • Please watch for monthly Brick & Bench Specials that will be listed in the WildTimes, on our website, and at the zoo.   Bricks & Benches can be ordered at any time and are installed year round.

Society Programs

  • Brick Program-Laser engraved bricks installed in stainless steel frames off the ground
    • $125.00 to $250.00
  • Bench Program
    • Raised-arm River Rock Bench includes 20 letters engraved~ $1800.00
    • Granite Garden Bench includes 15 letters engraved ~ $1200.00
  • Pet Memorial Garden-A beautiful location, inside of the Children’s Zoo, for pet owners to have pet cremains permanently buried.  Natural river stone markers are available for purchase
  • Wall of Honor-Laser engraved, gold dye inlaid, on polished marble plaques located outside of the Visitor Center
    • $500.00 and up
  • Endowment Fund-Money invested to ensure that the growth and quality of our Zoo will continue to expand in to the future per the Society mission
  • Animal Exhibit & Building Fund-Money is put into a current fund-raising building project and the donor is recognized on a wall inside or outside of the exhibit
  • Conservation Fund-To promote Conservation efforts in our area and around the world

Please contact the Society at 434-6814 or e-mail for more information regarding donations, sponsorships, or any of our programs.


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