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Happy Thanksgiving to You & Your Family…

The Society is very thankful for the many gifts we receive. The latest gift was the final pledge payment from the Ruth & William Merkey Foundation for our Education & Conservation Center. The debt on the building is PAID IN FULL & we couldn’t be happier! Our new goal is to have all funds raised for our Cornerstone Animal Hospital project by the same time next year. Please help us achieve this goal.

The New Cornerstone Animal Hospital is Operational!

Donated office furniture, medical equipment from the old hospital, and zoo animal care staff, have made their way over to our beautiful new building. The first operation took place in October. See below for the “After” pictures of the new Hospital.
New Hospital Outside1st Operation New Hospital

Renovations on the Old Animal Hospital have begun!
Old AH OutsideOld AH

October was demolition month for the old Animal Hospital. Walls came crashing down and new larger window openings were created. These larger windows will allow our zoo visitors to view what’s happening in what will be “Georgia’s Kitchen”, our new diet prep area. The building will also accommodate some of our zoo animal friends during the frigid months in a new winter holding area. Check out the pictures below for the “Before” look at the old hospital.

Our fundraising efforts continue with the new Cornerstone Animal Hospital. We have raised over $800,000.00 of our $1.3 million goal with money pledged, monetary and in-kind donations, and services. Please consider supporting this important project. 920-434-6814

Here are some ideas to consider when making out your Christmas Shopping List!! An 8×8 laser-engraved Brick might do, or one of our new Basalt Rock or Granite Garden Benches, a Plaque on the NEW Wall of Honor, a Memorial Marker in our Pet Memorial Garden, A specialty Feast with the Beasts or Society T-shirt, OR a Donation, in the name of that Special Someone, to the Society, for our new Cornerstone Animal Hospital.   It’s all about the Animals!
Shop by phone @ 434-6814


Mark Your Calendars!!

4th Annual “Skunks are Beautiful” Cribbage Tournament-Thursday, April 14th

17th Annual “Feast with the Beasts” event, presented by Capital Credit Union,-Monday, August 8th

1st Annual- New Event Coming in September 2016!

1st Annual-New Event Coming in November 2016!

Contact the Society at 434-6814 to join our Sponsor Team for any event. 


The Society will sell Feast t-shirts and Society t-shirts throughout the year!
$10 for solids and $15 for tie dyed
You can call 434-6814 to order and arrange a time to pick up or pay an additional $5.00 per shirt to have it delivered to your home! 

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