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We had a successful fundraising year and we are very thankful for our many supporters and the generous gifts we received and continue to receive.  In 2017 our focus will remain on the Cornerstone Animal Hospital project. We have raised over $1M of our $1.5 million goal with money pledged, in-kind services, and products donated.



Society Events 2017

APRIL 13, 2017-5th Annual “Skunks are Beautiful” Cribbage Tournament

(E-mail newzoosociety@gmail.com to join the sponsor team)

AUGUST 7, 2017-18thAnnual “Feast with the Beasts” Event, presented by

Capital Credit Union     (E-mail newzoosociety@gmail.com to join the sponsor team)



Society Programs

Brick Program-Laser engraved brick – cost $125.00 to $250.00

Bench Program-Raised-arm, basalt-rock bench includes 20 letters engraved-Cost $1800.00

Granite Garden bench includes 20 letters engraved-Cost $1400.00

Education Fund-Funds help us send zoo staff & veterinarian to seminars & educational classes

Pet Memorial Garden– A beautiful location, inside of the Children’s Zoo, for pet owners to

have pet cremains permanently buried.  Natural river stone markers are

available for purchase.

Wall of Honor– Located in the Mayan Restaurant- Please consider supporting this program with your

financial gifts, time, talent, or supplies. We will acknowledge your gift of $500 or more by

placing a plaque on this wall.

Endowment Fund-Money  invested to ensure that the growth and quality of our Zoo will

continue to expand in to the future per the Society mission

Animal Exhibit & Building Fund-Money is put into our current fundraising building project

(The new Cornerstone Animal Hospital is our current project)

Conservation Fund-To promote Conservation efforts around the world


Please contact the Society at 434-6814 or email  newzoosociety@gmail.com for more information regarding donations, sponsorship, or any of our programs.


N.E.W. Zoological Society, Inc.,

P.O. Box 12647

Green Bay, WI  54307-2647




The Society is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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