Scout Programs

“Badge in a Day” Programs now offered!

Looking for a fun way to earn a badge while visiting one of your scouts’ favorite places? Then explore our new programs offered to scouts. You and your group will have a great time exploring the Zoo and learning along the way!  Each program meets all requirements for the intended badge, unless otherwise noted. With a blend of time in the classroom, meeting critters up close and personal, and time exploring the Zoo, your scout is sure to have a great experience learning with us!

Please note, due to the Zoo Boo event needs, we cannot book Badge programs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in October.


  • $5 per scout or sibling participant (in addition to zoo admission)
    • For Badge programs with multiple sessions, when Sessions 1 & 2 are scheduled on the same-day, the price is $7 per scout (which includes both sessions)
  • Adults must pay admission to the zoo
    • We recommend a ratio of no more than 1 adult per 5 scouts; unless your group has fewer than 10 scouts total, in which case you may bring up to three adults
  • Minimum of $25 per program


  • Approximately two hours per session

To Register

  • Call 920-662-2405 or email
  • *Please note: the zoo reserves the right to schedule other troops/dens/etc. at the same time for the same program, in order to accommodate our maximum number of scouts. This also means you do not have to pay the minimum program fee if you have fewer than five scouts AND we have another group scheduled with you at the same time.

Boy Scout Program Options

Cub Scouts: Wolf Level

Your Living World Achievement

  • Scouts will learn about different types of pollution, energy use and conservation, and play a game to better understand recycling. We’ll also tour the zoo to learn about people who are helping the environment and even help clean-up the zoo.

Birds Elective

  • Fly away in this program that’s all about birds! Scouts will track and identify birds in the zoo and make nesting material balls. We’ll also read a story about birds and create both a bird feeder and bird house to take home.

Cub Scouts: Bear Level

Sharing Your World with Wildlife Achievement

  • Scouts will tour the zoo to learn about the animals that live here and create a poster showcasing what we learn. We’ll also make bird feeders to take home, and play a game of extinction, where scouts become the animals!

Farm Animals Elective

  • Come join us, down on the farm, where scouts will become “honorary zookeepers” and help us clean up an exhibit! We’ll tour the Children’s Zoo to learn more about farm animals and have a chance to feed them.  We will also read a book about a farm animal and meet the critter from the story in person.

Cub Scouts: Webelos Level

 Naturalist Activity Badge

  • Explore the natural world as we take scouts on a tour of the zoo to learn about animals found in our area and what’s being done to help protect them. We’ll also learn about aquatic ecosystems and food chains through encounters with live animals.

Forester Activity Badge

  • In this program, scouts will learn about the layers of the forest and meet some animals that live there. We’ll also “become a tree” and attempt to survive our first year of growth. Scouts will learn to identify six types of trees and plants that are useful to wildlife and learn all about wildfires.

Girl Scout Program Options

Daisy Level: Journey Book “5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals”

Birdbath Award, Session 1

  • In this Journey, we’ll create paper maché nests and animal murals. We’ll also read from the Journey book and take a tour of the zoo to meet some of the animals from the story. Scouts will learn to care for animals safely while we meet animals up-close and personal. (Meets half the requirements)

Birdbath Award, Session 2

  • In this second program, scouts will continue work on our “All about Me Nests,” add to our animal murals, and “fly away” as we learn about birds. We’ll tour the zoo and learn how the porcupine got its quills! To recap what we learn, scouts will also participate in some role play games. (Completes requirements for Birdbath Award; Sessions 1 & 2 can be scheduled on the same day for a reduced price)

Red Robin Award, Session 1

  • In this program, scouts will add to their ongoing animal mural and create an animal care post card. We’ll also tour the zoo, listening to the sounds animals make, and attempt to “talk like an animal.” Scouts will learn the difference between caring for wild animals versus pets as we meet live animals in the classroom. (Meets half the requirements; should be scheduled after completing Birdbath Award)

Red Robin Award, Session 2

  • In this program, scouts will continue their animal murals and tour the zoo, meeting animals from our story. We’ll explore how to “talk without talking” as we imitate body language of animals we meet. Scouts will create an animal poem, practice origami, and put our noses to the test in a scented smell-off! (Completes requirements for Red Robin Award; Sessions 1 & 2 can be scheduled on the same day for a reduced price)

Tula Award

  • In the final award of this Journey, scouts will tour the zoo to learn about animals from around the world. We will play a game of “backwards bingo” and also learn to trust each other during a game of “Elephants on Parade.” Scouts will also add to our animal murals and create animal masks to wear home. (Meets all requirements)

Brownie Level: Pets Badge

  • In this program, scouts will find out which animals can make good pets and learn how to keep them clean and comfortable. We will also learn what it takes to clean up after them, as the scouts clean in our Children’s Zoo! Participants will create enrichment for pets and zoo animals alike, and learn how to schedule feedings for different types of animals! (Meets all requirements)

Junior Level: Animal Habitats Badge

  • Come learn all about where animals live! Scouts will learn about the adaptations animals in different habitats have and how some habitats are endangered. We will also tour the zoo and engage in animal observation, learn about the “homes” animal parents make for their babies, and help organize a habitat clean up! (Meets all requirements)

Cadette Level: Animal Helpers Badge

  • Scouts will become Animal Helpers! We will learn about how keeping and caring for an animal can help someone emotionally and how animals can help people with disabilities. Scouts will tour the zoo and learn how some animals have altered human history.  Participants will also hear stories of animal heroes and how some animals unique abilities could help us in the future.  (Meets all requirements)


Additional Girl Scout Programs will be available soon!