Current Fund-Raising Project

Animal Hospital Coming Soon

New Cornerstone Animal Hospital

Laying the Foundation Begins July 7th!

The NEW Zoo is and has always been an affordable destination for families to gather and receive a greater appreciation of the living world through education, conservation, and recreation. In 2012, 240,000 visitors passed through the zoo gates. The N.E.W. Zoological Society, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whose primary purpose is to provide financial support to the NEW Zoo, is requesting your financial support.  We are currently raising funds for the New Cornerstone Animal Hospital being built at the zoo.    Naming Rights for the individual rooms are available.

Cornerstone Foundation-Building
Jack & Engrid Meng-Large Carnivore Ward
ffer pending on the Observation Window 

The table below shows the cost of sponsoring a room in the hospital.

Contact the Society at 920-434-6814 to make a donation or for more information.


Education & Conservation Center

ED CENTER 2013 006

The new Education & Conservation Center is up, open, and beautiful!  We are thankful to everyone that supported our fund-raising efforts.  The Center has been filled with activity.  Students of all ages have walked through the doors to have valuable, hands-on learning experiences and increase their knowledge of the natural world and a variety of conservation issues.  We are proud to share this new facility with our valued zoo guests, and confident that we have already made a difference and sparked a new appreciation for wildlife in the hearts of many.  After the remaining pledges are fulfilled, the debt on this building will be Paid in Full!!

Contact the Society

PO Box 12647
Green Bay WI 54307
920-434-6814 or e-mail

Your Contribution Counts!