Suamico Citgo Makes Donation

Suamico Citgo Makes $2500 Donation to the NEW Zoo

Between July 24 & October 16, 2017, Suamico Citgo made a pledge to set aside a portion of every sale at their specially designated “Spirit Pump” to support the NEW Zoo in Suamico. Every time a gallon of gas was pumped at that pump, they set aside 5 cents for the NEW Zoo, with a cap at $2,500.  Community members were encouraged to come to the station and join the effort.

According to Jim Johnson, Owner/Operator of the Suamico Citgo, “We wanted to support an organization in the community that embodies everything that is good about Suamico and we felt the Zoo exemplifies that with its focus on education and conservation. We are pleased to announce that the “Spirit Pump” reached its maximum level of $2500 and are happy to make that donation to the NEW Zoo.”

According to Neil Anderson, Zoo Director, “Suamico Citgo has been a long-time supporter of the NEW Zoo and we are grateful for their continued generosity. The NEW Zoo relies on the support of the community and creativity of our staff and volunteers to fund our annual operations expenses and conservation efforts. Since conservation is a major focus of the Zoo, all of the funds from this fundraiser will be donated to the conservation of endangered species. We appreciate Suamico Citgo’s program and appreciate everyone who came to Suamico Citgo who helped make this donation possible.”

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is one of only seven AZA accredited zoos in the country that does not receive local or regional public tax support for the its annual operations.


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