Penguin Chicks’ Names Revealed

Photo by Chassey Bayer Photography

Staff at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park were extremely pleased to see such excitement from the public over naming our penguin chicks. The chicks were revealed to both be males at the end of last month through a special “gender reveal” video and photoshoot. Thousands of votes came in to our system to help determine the names of the brothers. Now that we’ve had time to tally those votes, we’re excited to let you know that the winning names are “Cheers” and “Pip!”

The oldest (and largest!) chick has been named Cheers, in honor of his January 1st New-Year’s-Day birthday. That means the younger of the two chicks is Pip, which is quite fitting, based on his “pipsqueak” size at hatching.  Both penguins have become very comfortable around their Zookeeper care-takers, spending time with them during daily feeding and regular enrichment (play-time) sessions. Pip is still being fed mainly by Zookeepers, as parents Doodle and Gilligan must devote much of their energy to caring for Cheers. This isn’t uncommon with captive African penguins, as in the wild, these birds typically only raise one chick successfully at a time.

Both chicks are still being carefully monitored to ensure healthy growth, and their first coat of “swimming feathers” are coming in nicely!  We look forward to being able to introduce Cheers to the water soon, with some supervised “swimming lessons.” We’re sure that Pip will get to follow soon after. Stay tuned to our social media pages (@NEWZooGB) to stay up-to-date with the latest penguin news. Special thanks to everyone who cast a vote to help us name the chicks!

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