Summer Zoo Camp 2019

The 2019 Summer Zoo Camp programs will begin at 8:45am and end at 2:00pm daily.  Zoo Camps are day-camp drop-off programs where each child can attend up to two dates (with different topics).  Children must be registered to attend a day that corresponds to their age group and the grade they will be entering in fall of 2019.  A morning snack is provided by the zoo, but parents must provide a non-microwaveable, non-refrigerated lunch for each child.  Each day’s program includes educational presentations, live animal encounters, zoo tours, and other fun activities like games and crafts.  Children should dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

The low cost per day is only $22 for Zoo Pass members or $28 for non-Zoo Pass members.

Programs offered include:

For 5k students – Sensory Safari:  Animals have amazing senses! But how DO they see in the dark, hear from a mile away, and feel without fingers?  In this Zoo Camp, we’ll explore how animals make sense of the world around them. Offered July 15th, 23rd, and August 2nd (Each child may attend one of these dates) Wait lists starting for all dates.

For 5k students – Animal ABCs and 123s: During this camp, we’ll journey through the alphabet to learn about an animal for every letter—and even meet some along the way! We will also explore numbers to discover which critters have 6 legs, 3 eyes, 4 stomachs, and more.  Offered July 9th and 25th (Each child may attend one of these dates) Wait lists starting for all dates.

For 1st/2nd graders – Eat or Be Eaten: What’s for lunch? Children will discover the ways that animals are linked together in an intricate web of life. We’ll explore food webs and chains, learn about predator-prey relationships and the important role EVERY species plays in its ecosystem. Offered July 8th, 18tt and August 1st (Each child may attend one of these dates) Wait lists starting for all dates.

For 1st/2nd graders – Earth Explorers: All aboard! Join us as we explore the world—without leaving the zoo. Our animals have homes across the globe and within many different habitats. We’ll discover aspects of the culture, environment, and terrain of our animals’ wild homes.   Offered July 16th, 26th, 29th and August 9th (Each child may attend one of these dates) Wait lists starting for all dates.

For 3rd/4th graders – Alien Invaders: We don’t mean Martians from space! We’re talking about the invasive, exotic species that are taking over habitats around the globe.  In this Zoo Camp, we’ll discuss how certain species can cause harm to environments, as well as how and why we should stop them from invading.  Offered July 11th, 22nd and August 6th (Each child may attend one of these dates)

 For 3rd/4th graders – Magical Creatures: Magical & mythical creatures may be found in books and movies, but they often they have real-life counterparts that are just as amazing! This camp uncovers the animals that are the least-known at the Zoo! Offered July 19th, 30th and August 8th (Each child may attend one of these dates) Wait lists starting for all dates.

For 5th/6th/7th graders –Zoo Vets: Do you want to be a vet someday, or work with exotic captive animals? If so, this is the camp for you! We’ll explore the many challenges of being a zoo veterinarian while learning about the importance of proper medical care for our animals. Campers will get a behind-the-scenes look at our Animal Hospital and even meet the zoo’s veterinarian. (Please note, in the rare event of a veterinary emergency on the day of the program, meeting the vet may not be possible; but we will do everything possible to stick with planned events!). Offered July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st and August 7th (Each child may attend one of these dates) Limited spots remain for July 31. Wait lists starting for all other dates.

For 5th/6th/7th graders – Wildlife Warriors: Everyone can make a difference! During this camp, we’ll focus on endangered species and conservation issues. While there are many challenges ahead for wildlife, there are things we can do to help. Zoos play their role, but what can YOU do? Find out and become a wildlife warrior! Offered July 12th and August 5th (Each child may attend one of these dates) August 5th full; limited spots remain for July 12th.

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