Otterly Adorable News

Four North American river otter pups were born on 3/8/19. First time mother Leia has proven to be an excellent parent and our guests can expect to see playful baby otters this summer. The adorable babies are the result of careful planning to maximize the genetic diversity of the captive otter population in AZA Zoos.

Little otters (called pups or kits) first open their eyes between 28 and 35 days of age but are not able to focus well until they are about 7 weeks old. Currently, we are respecting Leia’s wishes and only her primary Zookeeper has glimpsed the babies. As she becomes more comfortable with leaving the babies alone for short periods, Zookeepers will be able to determine their sex and get a few pictures to share.

Until they are old enough to negotiate the exhibit (late May/early June), mother otter Leia will be spending the majority of her days indoors, out of sight, caring for her pups. Proud papa Skokie, on the other hand, is always looking to interact with visitors and is accepting congratulations daily!

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