Grant supports Zoo Education Technology

We are excited to announce that the N.E.W. Zoological Society received a grant from the Derenne Family Fund for the Environment of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. The grant of $6,187 will support the Education Department at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park, providing tablets, along with related materials like cases and a charging station, for use in the Zoo’s “edZOOcational” programs. The NEW Zoo’s mission has long been to connect our community with wildlife through engaging and interactive experiences, and the Society is proud to support those initiatives.

The new tablets allow the Zoo to both enhance our existing programs with new, interactive equipment, and to create new programs using technologies that were not available to our students in the past. The Zoo is proud to embrace technology by selectively using the iPads to create positive nature experiences, and foster enthusiasm for nature with a tool that most children (and adults!) are already familiar with and enjoy. By introducing zoo guests to nature at the Zoo and wildlife-related apps on the tablets, we hope that guests will continue using the apps and learning more about nature and the environment in their everyday lives. The iPads have already been integrated into a variety of programs this summer, including some Zoo Camps, scout programs, on-site discovery stations, and more!

Some of the educational apps recommended and utilized by the NEW Zoo are: Seafood Watch, Tails Up!, Biodiversity is Us, and Zooniverse. Check out these apps for yourself to expand your knowledge while having fun along the way! Most of the apps are free on both Android and Apple devices.



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