Poetry Contest Winners Announced

The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park recently announced winners in their fourth annual Kids Animal Poetry Contest in two age groups.  In the 5 – 7 age group: Monkey by Connor Schultz was recognized.  In the 8-10 age group: Zane Fletcher’s Haiku [Patterns of gold and black] also stood out. Winners will receive a cash award and a broadside version of their poems.

Our judge evaluated the poems on the following criteria:

* originality
* structure
* visual imagery
* awareness of sound and other sensory cues
* sense (can be interpreted as overall meaningfulness or mindfulness)

The contest judge received some very creative submissions and was pleasantly surprised by the artwork.  About our judge: Poetry is her 911. She is a retired professor emerita of the University of Wisconsin, Parkside. She has been  a librarian in a log cabin in the north woods, a volunteer EMT, but she has always been a poet.  She has published  poetry, literary analysis, and research in three countries.  She also served as the advisor for the Native student organization, Sacred Circle, at UW-Parkside while teaching there.

The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park thank all of the participants for entering this year and hope they will continue writing poetry and appreciating wildlife. The winning broadsides will be featured on Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets website: www.wfop.org




Monkey, monkey
Likes to climb,
Monkey, monkey
Plays with slime,
Monkey, monkey eats
All day, maybe we
Should make him play.
next time we will bring some food
But then we’ll have some work to do.

Connor Schultz
Age 7
Green Bay



Patterns gold and black
Silently slithering scales
Serpents of all kinds

Zane Fletcher
Age 10


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