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JUNE 2020 UPDATE: Summer Zoo Camp has been cancelled  for the 2020 season, due to COVID-19 precautions. We are offering an alternative program, called “Summer Safari,” for which registration for the general public is now open. You can learn more here: Summer Safari Registration Open




We’re pleased to release the 2020 topics and schedule for the NEW Zoo’s Summer Zoo Camp Program for elementary school-aged children.  Registration opens January 8th at 8:30am CST.

The 2020 Summer Zoo Camp programs will begin at 8:45am and end at 2:00pm daily.  Zoo Camps are day-camp drop-off programs where each child can attend up to two dates (with different topics).  Children must be registered to attend a day that corresponds to their age group and the grade they will be entering in fall of 2020.  A morning snack is provided by the zoo, but parents must provide a non-microwaveable, non-refrigerated lunch for each child.  Each day’s program includes educational presentations, live animal encounters, zoo tours, and other fun activities like games and crafts.  Children should dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.  Learn more about the Zoo Camp basics on this page here.

The low cost per day is only $28 (Zoo Pass Members receive a 20% discount)

Programs offered include:

For 5k Students – please note, children must be turning 5 years old by September 1st, 2020, and entering 5-yr Kindergarten, not entering 4k in the Fall.

For 5k students – Animal in Action:  Can you jump like a kangaroo? How about swing like a monkey or fly like a bird? In this camp, we’ll explore the many different ways that animals move – while staying “on-the-move” ourselves! Offered July 7, 22, and 28 (Each camper may attend one of these dates) All dates full with wait lists starting.

For 5k students – Jaws & Claws: Animals have some pretty WILD tools to help them survive! We’ll learn how things like jaws and claws are important for staying safe, finding food, climbing, crawling, and more. Campers will even get into character with some imaginative games using our own “animal tools.”  Offered July 13 and 24, and August 6 (Each camper may attend one of these dates) All dates full with wait lists starting.

For 1st/2nd graders – Animal Extremes: Animals are adapted to survive in some extreme environments. Deserts can reach temperatures above 130⁰F while the frozen tundra can be colder than -30⁰F! From the depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks, we’ll discover what extreme living is like in this exciting, hands-on camp. Offered July 6, 17, 27, and August 7 (Each camper may attend one of these dates) All dates full, starting Wait Lists.

For 1st/2nd graders – Call of the Wild: Squeak, growl, howl, hoot, and have a “roaring” good time in this camp where we learn how animals communicate! We’ll explore the sounds animals use along with some of the soundless ways that animals share messages with one another.  Offered July 10, 21, 29, and August 3 and August 12. (Each camper may attend one of these dates) All dates full with wait lists starting.

For 3rd/4th graders – Animal Engineers: Animals can be incredible builders! In this activity-based, STEAM-focused program, campers will learn about the many structures animals build and why. We’ll also explore how human engineers are inspired by animals and nature. Offered July 8 and 20, and August 5 (Each camper may attend one of these dates) All dates full with wait lists starting.

For 3rd/4th graders – Weird & Wonderful Wildlife: Let’s be real: animals can do some pretty strange things! In this camp, we’ll explore the “stranger side” of nature and the unique creatures that are often misunderstood by people. Campers will learn that “weird” is not only wonderful: it’s often essential to survival! Offered July 14 and 31, and August 11 NEW DATE ADDED: August 13th (Each camper may attend one of these dates) Spaces remain for August 13th; all other dates full with wait lists.

For 5th/6th/7th graders – Zoo Trainers: Zoos use Positive Reinforcement, a type of training, to teach animals how to safely interact with people like zookeepers and veterinarians. Campers will learn the basics (and importance!) of this training technique through in-depth discussions with zoo professionals and hands-on activities – complete with live animal demonstrations. We’ll practice our new skills while learning more about animal care and conservation. Offered July 9, 16, 23 and 30 (Each camper may attend one of these dates) Three spots open on July 30th; wait lists started for other dates.

For 5th/6th/7th graders – Master Trackers: For scientists studying wildlife, finding elusive animals can be the hardest task! We’ll learn some of the techniques that professionals use for tracking animals, including identifying footprints, scat, and other markings. Campers will then put our new skills to the test by solving a mystery discovered at the NEW Zoo. Offered July 15, and August 4 and 10 (Each camper may attend one of these dates)  Limited openings for August 10th; other dates full with wait lists starting.

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