Penguin Chick Names Announced

We are excited to share the results of our recent Penguin Naming Contest! During the months of January and February, zoo fans were invited to “cast a vote” for their favorite set of names by making a donation to African penguin conservation. Every dollar donated equaled one vote.

We’re pleased to announce the winning names, which received an overwhelming 78% of the total votes: Gilbert and Linus!  The name Gilbert was selected by Zookeepers in honor of the Zoo’s veterinarian, Dr. Tracey Gilbert. Affectionately known around the NEW Zoo as “Dr. G,” she has served as the veterinarian here for nearly 30 years. We are thrilled to see that the name Gilbert was selected by the public, and Zookeepers have chosen to give that name to the older, calmer Chick #1 (pictured above right). The younger of the two chicks (pictured above left), who is a bit more active and feisty, will be known as Linus.

The NEW Zoo wants to thank everyone who donated to this conservation fundraiser. African penguins are an endangered species that has lost nearly 90% of the population in the last 100 years. All the donations made during the Naming Contest will directly support conservation efforts of African penguins in the wild.

You can learn more about African penguin conservation efforts online at:

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