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June Dates have been added! Please check back again for future dates or visit our Wild Encounters page to learn about private penguin experiences. Starting Friday May 26th, the Penguin Feeding Experience will be offered daily, starting at 12:30pm.


The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is pleased to announce the return of the always-popular Penguin Feeding Experiences! It’s a WILD way to get up-close and personal with everyone’s favorite feathered friends. Participants will go behind-the-scenes into the Penguin Habitat, where you’ll chat with an expert penguin zookeeper, meet our African penguins, and have the opportunity to toss them several fish.

Penguin Feeding Experiences are designed for small groups of up to six people (when counting those aged 2 and above). Children under age 2 do not count towards the maximum number and are allowed into the feeding area as long as they are held by an adult. Every group of up to six must include at least one adult. Smaller groups are welcome to participate! You do not need six people to feed the penguins.

Starting Friday, May 26th, one feeding session will be offered DAILY starting at 12:30 p.m. The cost is $50 per session (for up to six people), in addition to regular zoo admission. The $50 price is per group, not per person.

Tickets are currently available through end of June. Check back for updates!

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Please note: individuals with fish allergies are not encouraged to attend.

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