Group Visits

Thank you for considering the NEW Zoo as your group destination! With all of the exciting things going on at your zoo, it’s the perfect time to bring your ‘pride’ out to meet our lion pride and take in a day of memorable animal exploration and fun!  If you are looking for information on SCHOOL GROUP FIELD TRIPS, please visit this page.

If your group, company or organization will be paying admission rates on behalf of visitors you authorize, arrangements must be coordinated at least one week prior to your visit. To receive a copy of the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park’s Pre-Coordinated Admission form, please contact the zoo at (920) 434 -7841 and your call will forwarded to the appropriate staff member.

Due to a Brown County Resolution, the NEW Zoo is unable to offer reduced fees or lowered rates for group visits.  We are committed to keeping prices low for everyone who visits our facility.  Admission rates are posted here.

The pre-coordinated admission form will be used to record those attendees you authorize as well as their respective admission rates. Unless notified to the contrary, the NEW Zoo assumes permission to add visitors who indicate they are with your group even if they are not listed on the form submitted.

Arriving at the Zoo:

  • Groups can be dropped off on the road at the front entrance or in the parking lot across the road.
  • Buses must park at the Ski Lodge lot at the top of the hill, just south of the Zoo.
  • It’s best if one person comes into the Zoo to pay for the entire group. That person needs to know who many people fit in each age group: Kids 3-15, Adults 16+, Seniors 62+.  Please know our pricing structure does not allow for free or discounted chaperones or bus drivers.
  • Chaperones should wait with students in a line outside the Visitor Center until the group has been paid for.
  • Adults can have hands stamped and are able to take their kids in and out of the Zoo for lunch, etc.

Payment for group visits can be made:

  • By paying on arrival
  • Or an invoice can be created for you upon your arrival; you can take that back to your organization and then mail in the payment.

Enhance Your Groups Visits With:

Train Rides: $1/each
Carousel Rides: $1/each
Educational Programs/tours: $2/each-minimum $20
Giraffe Feeding: $1
Treats/Lunches/Catering: our Mayan Taste of the Tropics Restaurant page has more details