Adventure Park


 Fun, Challenging and Safe

Fun and safe

The Adventure Park is designed to allow all participants the ability to choose their own challenge.  The most important considerations when designing the course were safety and maximizing the participant’s experience.  The Adventure Park structures are designed and installed to fit with the surrounding NEW Zoo environment and to appear minimally invasive and naturally appealing. Specialized safety systems have been incorporated into the Adventure Park design to provide a state-of-the-art safety system that is seamless and allows for a safe and comfortable experience.

Zip to the Zoo

The Dual “Racing” Zip Lines provide participants an exhilarating and extreme experience.  The zip lines are side-by-side, 1,000 feet long, half inch cables that launch from the top of the existing 50 foot tall historic fire tower and land on a 12 foot landing deck near the entrance of the zoo.

Participants have the potential to reach speeds of 35 to 40 miles per hour.  This experience is geared for participants from 8 to 80 years old — and beyond. (The recommended weight limit is 70 lbs. to 275 lbs.)

The zip lines are a “participant passive” activity, meaning that the participant is not required to have any interaction or perform any critical functions throughout the experience, and therefore most people can participate!

Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

The Aerial Adventure Course will provide participants an interactive and challenging experience in which they can explore at their own pace and challenge level.   After attending a brief “Ground School,” the participants will be let loose on the course to enjoy a self guided exploration. (Be sure to look at the participant requirements.)

The course is designed with 16 different challenging elements.  Participants will be clipped into a user-friendly “Smart Snap” safety system at all times while they are off the ground. The “Smart Snap” safety  systems will be “participant active,” which means the participant will be responsible for transferring their own safety lanyard from one element to the next.  This allows the participant to be in control of their adventure and “own” their experience, while minimizing any chance for the participant to become un-clipped at any point.  Participants will  have the ability to challenge themselves through 16 different elements on three levels of varying difficulty.

The elements on the challenge course are:

  • Level 1: Wobble Bridge, Tension Traverse, Taco Net, Multi-vine Traverse
  • Level 2: Floating Islands, Multi-vine Traverse, Catwalk, V-bridge, Spider Web, Zig-Zag bridge
  • Level 3: Swinging Logs, Heebie Geebie, Moon Loops, Cargo Net, High Wobble Bridge, Bosun Chairs
  • Quick Jump
    • “Free Fall” course exit system
    • Jump from 32’ Platform
    • 8’ free fall followed by slow-lower to ground

Climb to the Top

climb to the top

The Climbing Tower allows participants to attempt to summit the three-sided, 40 foot climbing structure.   On two sides of the structure are climbing walls with contours to allow for variable levels of difficulty.  The third side of the structure has a hanging 32- by x 8-foot cargo net.

The climbing tower is open to all participants over the age of 6.  After an orientation, participants will be able to climb the tower, choosing which route(s) they want to conquer.  Participants will get to try their hand at three climbs.

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