COVID-19 UPDATE October 2021: Zoomobiles are back! At this time, face coverings are required for all program participants aged 3 and above. The zoo can provide disposable adult- and child-size masks for your group if needed, for a small fee. Please let us know if you need us to provide masks at the time of booking. Some animals are also currently unable to travel due to COVID-related restrictions. We’re happy to discuss the options with you in more detail via phone or email.




Bring the NEW Zoo to YOU when you can’t make a trip to the NEW Zoo!  We can meet your group’s needs with an ‘edZOOcational’ program brought right to your location!

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Program Details


  •  $150 per first program or hour
  •  $50 per additional same-day program or hour
  • Additional $1.00 per mile when traveling outside of Brown County


  • 30 minutes for Pre-K and K students
  • 45 minutes for all other age groups
  • 60 minutes for Meet & Greet style

Program Options

  • Classroom Program—recommended for up to 50 students (also appropriate for Private Parties)
  • Assembly Style—for large audiences
  • Meet & Greet Style—for any size group (reserved on hourly-basis; appropriate for large parties and events)

Zoomobile Frequently Asked Questions

Program Topics for School Groups

Talk about a wild way to get your students excited about education — we’ll bring the NEW Zoo right to you!  Our live animal ambassadors will be sure to liven up any classroom, special event, or school assembly.  We offer a variety of pre-designed programs, or we can tailor one specifically for your group’s needs.  Just let us know!  Each of the following programs can be delivered as a Class or Assembly, unless otherwise noted.  Although geared towards certain grade levels, we can adapt our programs (listed below) for nearly any audience.  Call for details.

Animal Storytime

Our educator will bring a fun, animal-themed story book to share with the audience. After the story, students will be introduced to up to four different animals – at least one of which they may be able to touch (based on children’s ages).  Recommended for audiences aged 5 and under.

Fur, Feathers, Shells & Scales

This basic introduction to animal classification focuses on animal ‘coverings’ to teach the differences among mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and invertebrates. Recommended for grades Pre-K through 2.

Home Sweet Habitat

Students will learn about different habitat types and the variety of animals that are found within them. Recommended for grades 1 through 4.

Animal Adaptations

This class defines and then focuses on physical and behavioral adaptations that animals have to survive in their environments.  Recommended for grades 4 through 6. Suitable for Meet & Greet programs.

Nocturnal Creatures

This program includes discussion on the differences between day– and night-active creatures, with a focus on how nocturnal animals are able to survive in diverse ecosystems. Recommended for grades pre-K through 6.

Conservation Connection

Students will examine the five major causes of species endangerments and extinctions worldwide.  Included is discussion on daily actions students can take to help protect animals and their environments.  Recommended for grades 6 through 12.  Suitable for Meet & Greet programs.

NEW FOR 2020: See an Animal, Be an Animal

These programs combine the Zoo with the Adventure Park in a comfortable indoor environment! Students will see animals up-close while learning about the topic, then do an interactive, adventure-themed activity.

  • Programs last 90 minutes
  • Minimum of 15 and maximum of 30 participants per program (not including teachers/adults)
    • One additional session can be added on the same day for a $50 fee
  • Recommended for grades 3 and up
  • Base fee cost is $200; mileage fees do apply as described above

See an Animal, Be an Animal: On the Move

  • Students will see animals up-close, watching and learning about how they move, then make comparisons to how humans get around. Students will practice their own movement skills, focusing on balance.

See an Animal, Be an Animal: Think About It

  • Through live animal demonstrations, students will learn about ways animals adapt to challenges in their environments, then compare those skills to the ways humans solve problems. Students will practice their own problem-solving skills through hands-on, team-building activities.

Zoomobile Programs for Private Parties and Events

Our most popular Private Parties are Birthday Parties.  These can be done at your home or other location, provided the location meets our temperature and other guidelines.  Each Private Party Zoomobile typically involves five animals.  Individual animals cannot be guaranteed in advance, due to animal temperaments and emergencies that can occur; however, we do take requests and try our best to accommodate them whenever possible.

Variety Party

This is our most popular Birthday Party program.  It includes visits from a “variety” of program animals, including mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and sometimes even invertebrates. Suitable for Presentation-Style and Meet & Greets.

Furry, Feathered Friends

This program focuses on the more “cuddly” critters in our Program Animal Collection.  Includes visits from birds and mammals.

Swim, Slither, Hop!

This program is geared towards those kids who love the “creepy crawly” critters!  Includes visits from animals such as our snakes, lizards, roaches and frogs.


Special thanks to Broadway Automotive for donation a new Zoomobile vehicle in 2019!


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