Zoomobile FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

 What animals come on the programs?

The members of our Program Animal Collection join us on the Zoomobiles.  These are animals like turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes, rabbits, frogs, spiders, armadillos, porcupines, and more!  The exact animals we bring will depend on your program topic, as well as animal availability on the day of your program. 

 What is a “Meet and Greet” style presentation?

A “Meet and Greet” style presentation is something that works well for festivals and special events.  Instead of doing a lecture-type presentation, we bring a variety of animals and sometimes “Biofacts,” or things like furs, skulls, feathers, and we allow the members of your group to come up to us and meet the animals as they wish.  People can come and go from our display as they please, and we will introduce them to the animals and our Biofacts, and also answer questions.  All other Zoomobile presentation styles will be more formalized, including a lecture-style presentation, usually with a question-and-answer session at the end. 

 How far can the Zoomobile travel?

This depends somewhat on the type of program you wish to reserve with us.  On average, the Zoomobile can travel about 60 miles from the NEW Zoo, or however far we can get in about one hour of driving time.  Our goal is to have the animals away from their homes for no more than four hours at a time, so that they have enough time during the day to eat and exercise comfortably in their home enclosures.  The four hours includes travel (there and back) and presentation time.  Sometimes, we can travel a bit further than that, especially if you are booking us for a 30-minute program. 

 What do I need to provide at the location?

We typically ask that you provide us with a table for our presenters to use.  Hands-free microphones are requested for presentations in front of large audiences, but the NEW Zoo can also bring a portable sound system if needed.  Our animals must be in a space where the temperature is comfortable for them.  When outdoors, we must be in the shade, and we must know in advance if we will be on a black-top surface.  If you are interested in having the Zoomobile at your house, we must be in a pet-free environment. 

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