School/Camp Group Field Trips

There’s always something new at your NEW Zoo!

Planning your field trip:  Please read as many changes are in place for a visit

NEW Zoo Field Trip Request Form without education class
    • Please fill out form to schedule your field trip.  Preferred date and time will be honored in order of when the request was received: Request form: NEW Zoo Field Trip without education class
    • You will be contacted via email after filling out the form to verify your visit date and time
    • Groups are encouraged to purchase tickets online in advance March through December, please note there is an online fee
      • Tickets are required for all visitors entering zoo including children ages 3 and up, bus drivers, chaperones, teachers, etc.
      • Print ticket barcodes and bring them for scanning.  They arrive in a separate email titled ‘NEW Zoo eTicket’, click on link within that email to see barcodes
      • Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the visit.  Please send a representative into the Visitor Center with a count of adults and children visiting prior to disembarking the kids
        • Please note: We no longer offer invoicing on the day of visit for school groups.  Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.  If different arrangements need to be made for payment, please contact the zoo after your form is submitted.
      • Tickets are non-refundable.  During inclement weather, the zoo is usually still open and accessible unless safety causes the zoo to close.  Please plan accordingly for the weather
        • Please contact for questions regarding this policy or questions about re-scheduling tickets
    • We recommend purchasing the minimum number of tickets you are sure you can fill.  Additional tickets can be purchased on the day of your visit
    • Pre-purchasing tickets provides groups an efficient entry to the zoo and reduces time needed to finalize visits in the Visitor Center prior to entry
    • Education programs are available and require advanced scheduling and additional payments. Please see information and to request a date for education classes here: Zoo Classes and Zoo Tours.
    • Submitting the Field Trip form DOES NOT include an education class.  Classes are set up only through the education department and you must receive confirmation from the education department that a class and time is booked for your visit.
    • Please send one representative into Visitor Center to let the supervisor on duty know you have arrived and to finalize any additional details if needed
      • Please bring your ticket bar codes with you to present to the supervisor on duty
      • DO NOT bring the group into visitor center, space is limited.  Groups can gather on the green space outside the Visitor Center to organize
    • For additional tickets, please purchase them at this time
    • Once visit details have been verified
      • Disembark your group and organize outside the zoo
      • Staff will then let you know whether to enter through the Visitor Center or through a side gate
      • Staff member may go over the basic rules of the zoo with your group
  • CHAPERONE INFORMATION:  Chaperones are there to chaperone and we request that they watch the children/students in the group.  Please remind chaperones about our basic zoo rules that include not letting children climb on fences, climb the mining sluice, hang on rope fences, chase peacocks, run in the zoo, etc. and we appreciate their help in adhering to those rules
    • If chaperones have to pay separately, they will want to purchase tickets online in advance as well at NEW Zoo Tickets.  Individuals can print out the bar codes or bring them up on the phone for scanning
    • Education programs require separate payment and may not be available to pay online.  This can be coordinated with the Education Department when scheduling your Zoo Class or Zoo Tour
  • LUNCH and CARRY-INS:  Lunch/Carry-in meals and snacks are NOT permitted inside the Zoo gates.  School Groups who choose to bring bag lunches or snacks will need to leave them on the bus and eat them outside of the zoo.  At this time, we do not have space to hold your coolers
    • Picnic tables are provided near the Upper Parking lot at the Adventure Park where the busses park or across the street from the zoo at the park
    • All trash is carry-out; Brown County does NOT provide garbage cans in the parks.
    • Due to staffing challenges, the Mayan Restaurant has limited hours and is not always open however, snacks and beverages are available in the Visitor Center gift shop.  Additionally, beverage machines are available and located throughout the zoo in the spring and summer
  • RE-ENTRY:  Groups that wish to leave the zoo for lunch and re-enter after can have their hands stamped for re-entry.  This can be coordinated by your representative when they first enter the Visitor Center to check-in and we will stamp the chaperones when entering
  • LEAVING for the DAY: Groups that are meeting to leave at a specific time should meet by the pillar with gorillas on it, just outside of the Visitor Center.  The Visitor Center is small inside and we request groups do NOT plan to meet inside it or just outside its doors.  For larger groups, if you are all planning to meet inside the zoo in order to leave at the same time, we may be able to let your group leave through the side gate.  Once your group is gathered, please send a representative into the Visitor Center to let staff know you are ready to leave and someone will assist with letting you out that gate
  • RESTROOMS: Restrooms are located in the Visitor Center, Education and Conservation Center, Mayan Restaurant (when open), and the Nutrition Center.  Additionally, restrooms are located just outside the Pines Shelter by the park across the street and the Ski Lodge near the upper parking lot.  If you have a large group that needs restroom visits, please split into groups and visit different restrooms throughout the zoo to best accommodate your full group

Admission Rates

Due to a Brown County Resolution, the NEW Zoo is unable to offer reduced fees or lowered rates for group visits.  We are committed to keeping prices low for everyone who visits our facility.


  • Bus parking is available ONLY in the upper lot located at the top of the hill next to the Adventure Park.  There is a short walking path between the Upper Lot and the Visitors Center.
    • Busses may drop-off/pick up immediately in front the zoo by the bike racks or use the main parking lot across the street from the zoo for drop-off or pick-up of group passengers  and then park in the upper lot
  • Cars may park in the main lot across from zoo entrance
  • Parking is free for all cars and busses
  • Getting here is easy — visit our Location page for directions

Hours of Operation

Helpful Hints to Remember

  • Arrival right at 9am has been the busiest and you may not receive that as a preferred visit time if other schools are arriving at that time already
  • If you reserve a Zoo Class or Zoo Tour, you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for check-in.  Late arrival will affect the length of your program
  • All education classes and tours are by reservation only and coordinated through our Education Department.  Space is limited, so make your reservations early!  If you are hoping for an ‘end of school year’ field trip with a zoo class, contact the zoo in early January for the following spring
  • We encourage you to have the cell phone numbers of all adults in your party in case you become separated
  • The Zoo does have Wi-Fi available and we have boosted it so you should have good internet connection near the Visitors Center and the Mayan Restaurant if your group needs it
  • We expect chaperones to chaperone.  We have experienced issues in the past with chaperones letting their students/campers climb on the mining sluice, the otter railing, fencing and more.  For the safety of the students/campers, our animals, and our staff, please be sure that your chaperones understand their responsibilities to your students/campers as well as the zoo

Additions & Extras to Enhance Your Visit

Zoo Classes and Zoo Tours

Free Downloadable Scavenger Hunts

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Dahlin Express Train & the Endangered Species Carousel – Available during the summer months, dates and times vary

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