Promote Wellness & Adventure through Sponsorships

With the addition of the Adventure Park features, we are pleased to be able to offer additional sponsorship opportunities for community businesses, organizations, foundations, and individuals:

Dual “Racing” Zip Line Naming Rights

Have your name prominently displayed on this great new adventure feature. Consider a 5 year commitment for $100,000 or a 10 year pledge for $150,000.

Aerial Adventure Course or Climbing Tower Naming Rights

Consider being a part of the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park by sponsoring one of these new features. Five year sponsorships for the Aerial adventure Course or the Climbing Tower are available for $75,000. A 10 year sponsorship is $125,000.

For more information please contact:

Nathaniel Wagner
(920) 662-2148


The NEW Zoo is also constantly looking for new sponsors to help us support and promote our zoo-wide special events, which attract and impact community members throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.

These events include fundraisers such as  Zoo Boo, EggStravaganZoo, and more! Sponsorship opportunities are varied and range in value from in-kind donations to monetary support.  All sponsors receive benefits in exchange, including brand recognition and promotions on our website, newsletters, and more.

For more information please contact:

Patricia Jelen
(920) 662-2400


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