Non-School Group Visits

Please note: Due to COVID19, group visits have changed from the way we previous coordinated visits.  Please read the information below and email to determine the best way for your group to visit.


Group must purchase tickets online in advance of a visit:

  • Groups will need to purchase tickets online in advance for a specific date and arrival time at NEW Zoo Tickets.  Tickets are required for all visitors entering the zoo including children ages 3 and up, bus drivers, chaperones, teachers, etc.
    • We have a limited capacity in the zoo daily and are no longer able to reserve tickets in advance or allow groups to visit and pay later
  • Please print ticket bar codes and bring them for scanning (these come in a separate email titled NEW Zoo eTickets)
  • Tickets are released for purchase approximately one month in advance of a date
  • Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled in the event of bad weather unless the zoo closes for safety.  Please contact for questions regarding this policy
  • We recommend purchasing the minimum number of tickets you are sure you can fill.  If additional tickets are needed, we can likely accommodate a few more guests during your visit.

When you arrive:

  • When your group arrives (if a really large group of 10+), please send one representative into Visitor Center to let the supervisor on duty know you have arrived and to finalize any additional details if needed
    • Please bring your ticket bar codes with you and present them to the supervisor on duty
      • You will note that the sign above the Visitor Center says ‘No Zoo Admission’ and no entry.  This building is an exit but one group representative is allowed to enter to finalize a group visit
    • DO NOT bring the group into the visitor center, we have a very minimal capacity allowed in the building at any one time
  • If any additional tickets are needed that day, the Supervisor will assist in helping by either selling you the tickets if you are prepared to purchase them or, if individuals need to purchase their own tickets, the supervisor will direct you to have those individuals purchase tickets at the Ticket Stand to the left of the Visitor Center through our new entry point
  • Once you have confirmed your details, the supervisor on duty will direct your group to enter through our new admission gate to the left of the Visitor Center
    • You may then disembark your group and organize outside the zoo into smaller groups
    • Our staff monitoring that entrance will be notified that your group will entering through the gate
  • Larger groups will need to separate into smaller groups of 10 or less including the chaperone
    • CHAPERONE INFORMATION:  If chaperones have to pay separately, they will need to purchase tickets online in advance as well at NEW Zoo Tickets.  Individuals can print out the bar codes or bring them up on the phone for scanning, which will occur just after entry

Scouts, Day Care, Senior Care, Birthday Parties and more:

The NEW Zoo is still coordinating small but fun group events within the zoo.  Please email to determine the best fit for your group.  We are working to update all of our webpages including the Parties and Rentals  and the Education Class details page to reflect the changes.  If you are interested in a party or education class, click the links to see what has been available in the past as a guide for what we may be able to accommodate with the new changes.

 Admission Rates:

Due to a Brown County Resolution, the NEW Zoo is not currently able to offer reduced fees or lowered rates for group visits.  We are committed to keeping prices low for everyone who visits our facility.

  • Zoo Admission rates are posted here.

Zoo Rule Reminders:

  • Carry-in meals are NOT permitted inside of Zoo gates. Groups who choose to bring bag lunches MUST eat them outside of the zoo, on any of the many picnic tables provided near parking lots at the Adventure Park facility
  • You must carry-out all trash; garbage cans are NOT provided outside of the Zoo.  Please be aware that the bathrooms near the park across the street are currently closed
  • Catering CAN be done if you Rent a Room; details are provided on our Party Packages page
  • We request that a representative from the group comes in before the guests to arrange for invoicing/payment.  That way your group can just head into the zoo and not have to wait in anticipation in the Visitors Center while the details are being worked out

Enhance Your Groups Visits With:

Educational Programs
VIP Programs & Behind-the-Scenes Tours
Treats/Lunches/Catering: our Mayan Restaurant page has more details
Room Rentals

For more information about corporate events and group sales, please contact the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park at or 920-662-2402 for more details.

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