Adventure Park COVID-19 Information

Safety is of utmost importance at the Adventure Park. Harnesses and helmets are important for physical safety on the course. The health and wellness of our participants and staff is just as important on and off course. All of these mitigation efforts are to reduce the risk of transmitting and contracting COVID-19. Participants unwilling to follow these protocols will not be allowed to participate and asked to leave the park. These protocols are reviewed and updated regularly.

Participant Exposure Mitigations

All participants will be provided with our policies and procedures and be informed that failure to abide by these rules, will result in them being asked to leave.

This guidance includes having participants self-monitor for signs of COVID-19 and not participate if they are not feeling well.

All participants will be required to wash or sanitize hands before participation and are encouraged to wear full fingered gloves. (may be brought with or purchased at the Adventure Park)

Participants are required to wear mask.

Participants will be social distanced to the best of their ability while at the park.

Only participants will be allowed in the course area of the park. Non-participants will be asked to stay behind marked barriers.

Fewer seating areas will be available, and the areas will be physically distanced.

Adventure tours will have reduced capacity.

Sales and Check-in Process

Social distancing will be outlined at the sales window with marking on the ground in accordance to the CDCs 6-foot distancing guidelines.

Strict enforcement of participant qualification guidelines will be done to minimize the risk for potential rescue situations.

Waivers are required and will be available online for completion on a personal device. Participants will be encouraged to complete the waivers before arrival to the park. There will be a sign with a QR code linked to our waiver for participants to be able to complete if they do not have one on file.

Protective Plexiglas barriers will be installed in the sales windows to allow for transactions and sales to be conducted.

Only one staff member will be allowed to perform transactions. This same staff member will issue wristbands, but not assist in putting them on.

Social distancing markings will be put in the waiting/staging area.

Activity Tours

Gear Up

Participants will be physically distanced from each other in the gear up area with markings on the ground.

All gear will be handled only by a single guide before being used on a participant.

Only guides leading the tour will be conducting the gear up process.

A guide or supervisor can conduct the orientation while gearing up is taking place.

Only participants will be allowed in the gear up area.

Participants will only be allowed to be geared up once. Restroom use will be encouraged before being geared up and if a participant needs to be degeared their adventure will end there.

Gear sanitation will be conducted after use.

Ground School

Participants will be spaced out during the delivery of ground school by a guide.

Only one participant will be on each element in ground school at a time.

Adventure Course

Social distancing will be monitored on course. Only one participant will be allowed on an element or platform at a time.

Participants will not be allowed to view from the tower. If they are going to participate, they must keep a steady flow. If they have ended their challenge, they will be asked to return to ground level.

Only one guide who is trained to perform on technical rescues will be on the course for rescues, others can help with ground support. Rescues will be routinely practiced providing efficiency during a rescue and minimizing the amount of time needed to perform the rescue and minimizing contact with the participant. All rescue gear will be staged before contact is made with the participant.

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall will be set up with one TruBlue auto belay per side, allowing only one participant per side.

A barrier will be set up around the wall to keep participants a safe distance from the wall as well as from each other. Guides will instruct participants on how to attach and detach from the TruBlue auto belays.

Leader ropes will be used to secure auto belays at the end of the day. These ropes will minimize the need for a guide to lead edge climb to set up the wall, minimizing contact with the wall. TruBlue inspections will still occur at regular intervals.

Cleaning of the climbing wall is outlined in Appendix A.


Ziplining may be conducted on only one zip line at a time. This wiould reduce the number of guides interacting with participants and maintain proper distancing.

Zip Tower

Markings will be placed on the top of the tower to provide guidance on social distancing. These markings will extend down the stairs as needed to allow space for all the participants on the tour.

Only one participant will ride at a time. No dual zip lining.

Extensive training and continued evaluation of zip line operations will take place to maintain efficiency of operations and minimizing contact with participants.

Zip Landing

Extensive training and continued evaluation will be conducted to maintain efficient operations to minimize extended contact with participants while at Zip Landing.

Participants will be asked to social distance below the landing until all participants are done zip lining before returning to base camp.

Kids Kourse

Social distancing will be maintained on the kids kourse with only one participant on an element at a time.

Tour times for kids kourse participants will be scheduled to regulate how many participants are on kourse at any given time.

Participants will be required to wear a helmet that is sanitized after use.

Team Building

All team building activities will be modified to maintain social distancing. For those activities that are unable to be completed with social distancing they will be removed from the offerings. Research will be on-going to find new activities that can be conducted from safe distances while still providing effective team building aspects.


Participant gear will be staged only by the guides leading that tour.

Participants will be harnessed and prepare for tour only by the guides leading the specific tour.

Participants will be degeared by the guides who lead the tour.

All gear will be decontaminated by the guides who led the tour in accordance with protocols set forth by the park management.

No gear will be used more than once before decontamination.


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