Meet Bodhi

The NEW Zoo & Adventure Park is pleased to welcome a new snow leopard! “Bodhi” arrived on Tuesday, December 12th, just days after the grand opening of the new Lee & Kathy Anderson Snow Leopard Den and the outdoor Steve & Bonnie (Farvour) Van Lannen Habitat.

“The Snow Leopard Species Survival Plan, or SSP, recommended that Bodhi come to the NEW Zoo,” said Curator of Animals Drew Dinehart. “As an AZA accredited zoo, we know that the SSP’s recommendations are in the best interest of the animals, especially for such a critically endangered species like this. The recent completion of our new snow leopard habitat meant that this was the perfect time for him to make the move.”

Bodhi is a 5-year-old male who was born at the Cleveland Zoo and moved to the Lee Richardson Zoo in Kansas with his brother in 2019. Once the SSP made its recommendation for Bodhi’s latest move, animal care team members from the zoos worked together to coordinate a travel plan to get him from Garden City, Kansas, to Green Bay, Wisconsin, both safely and securely. Although the NEW Zoo does not have a breeding recommendation from the SSP at this time, Bodhi and resident female leopard, Ahava, will get to know each other while living in close proximity. They’ll have complete visual access to each other, which will hopefully help the cats start to form a bond. Ahava and previous male leopard Rajan never lived together full time, but she did seem to enjoy his company! Ahava is a fairly shy and reserved snow leopard who seems to take a bit longer to adjust to new surroundings and situations than some other cats might, so we plan to give their relationship lots of time to develop.

Bodhi’s previous keepers say he is an easy-going cat, which we have already witnessed first-hand during his uneventful trip here. On his arrival, he was quick to exit his travel crate and seemed to settle into the new space quite well. Bodhi will remain behind-the-scenes for some time as he gets to know his new keepers and acclimates to his new home, including his new feeding and care routines. We will keep you posted on his status and let you all know when he’s ready to enjoy the outdoor yard!

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